About eNeutral Videoconferencing

Is there someone that can not personally attend your mediation? Is there an out-of-town adjuster that could make the difference in your case? Want to save travel expense and time away from your office? Want to depose an out-of-town witness without ever leaving Atlanta?

Videoconferencing is designed to aid businesses or consumers that are long distances apart and are in a legal dispute.

Conduct depositions or witness interviews, mediation and arbitration, and corporate meetings via videoconferencing.

Improve client services with 'face to face' meetings at a fraction of the cost.

Save time and money on travel expenses and time spent away from the office.

Services include access to over 5,500 videoconferencing sites worldwide.

Permanent Records - video-tape depositions and witnesses.

Document Imaging of photos or documents to be discussed during the videoconference.

Industry Competitive Rates.

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