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One Hour CLE - One Hour of General and Professionalism* or Ethics
Approved by the State Bar of Georgia.

Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service has available for your firm, FREE seminars that will provide a one-hour Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Georgia. Our seminars are also approved for an additional one hour of Professionalism* credit or Ethics, depending on which course you select.

Henning will provide an approved speaker who presents a program designed to help attorneys improve their negotiation skills in mediation. These seminars are intended for attorneys registered with the State Bar of Georgia. The programs cover preparation for mediation, negotiating items important to the client, confidentiality and ethics in mediation, how to use persistence, patience and creativity to improve the mediation outcome.

The following seminars are available:
Seminar and Description Speaker 1 Hour CLE Credit Print Presentation
"Best Practices for Mediation & Arbitration"
Hubert J. Bell Jr., Esq. Professionalism Best Practices
"Most Common Mistakes in Mediation" Hon. M. Gino Brogdon, Sr. Ethics Most Common Mistakes
"Closing the Gap" Arthur H. Glaser, Esq. Ethics Closing
"Ethics for Advocates in Mediation" William S. Goodman, Esq. Ethics Ethics for Advocates
"The Midnight Clause: From Darkness To Daylight"
Pat Jones, Esq. Professionalism Midnight Clause
"Confidentiality in Mediation"
Ken Kendrick, Esq. Ethics Confidentiality
"Mediating Insurance Claims With Coverage Questions"
Ronald Arthur Lowry, Esq. Professionalism Insurance Claim
"Everybody Wins"
Speer Mabry, Esq. Professionalism Everybody Wins
"Crucial Techiques of Mediation"
Nick Moraitakis, Esq. Professionalism Crucial Techniques
"Winning at Mediation"
Pat Siuta, Esq. Professionalism Winning at Mediation
"The Tone and Tenor of Mediation"
Rex Smith, Esq. Professionalism Tone & Tenor

Henning will pay for the one hour of General CLE and obtain the CLE credits for all participants. The program is free and can be held at your facility as long as there are at least 15 people in attendance. *The $15 charge for the Professionalism credit will be the responsibility of the individual or their firm. Some of the courses offer one hour of Ethics. The seminars are held at Henning on Friday mornings beginning at 8:30AM and lasting for 1 hour.

For more information contact Dave Henning at (770) 955-2252 or email

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