We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate this year's five winners of the Edward J. Henning Memorial Award.

  • Amber T. Jones
  • James Fielding
  • Megan Kirk
  • Constance Copeland
  • Ted Huggins

As many of you know, the Atlanta Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section annually sponsors the Edward J. Henning Memorial Award. This is a cash award given to an outstanding ADR student at each of the state’s five ABA-accredited law schools: Emory, Georgia, Mercer, Georgia State, and John Marshall. These awards are given in memory of Ed Henning, who was one of the “founding fathers” of mediation in Georgia.

Meet some of the winners:

Amber T. Jones is currently attending Mercer Law school and is "passionate about ADR and helping people meet in the middle. She was also the Research Assistant for the ADR class at Mercer Law the fall semester of 2018. "

James Fielding is currently attending Emory Law and chose to pursue a law degree because he likes working with people. "I thought it would be interesting to learn how to give advice to those in complicated, frustrating situations. ADR is particularly interesting to me because it gives parties a role in resolving their case. Ideally, working together brings adversaries closer instead of driving them apart."

Megan Kirk is currently attending Georgia State College of Law and "thinks ADR is unique because instead of being in control and solving problems as a lawyer in the typical sense, as a mediator, you are a guide and get to step back and let the parties be in control."

Constance Copeland is currently attending John Marshall and said "I fully embrace ADR and I think it is the driving factor towards a more progressive and fair justice system."

Thank You

Thank you to Patrick G. Jones for helping with this year in and year out.


If you would like to help contribute to the Edward J. Henning Memorial Award, please reach out to Patrick Jones (Chair, Henning Award Committee) and/or Erika Birg (Chair, Dispute Resolution Section).

All contributions are completely tax-deductible as they are made through the Atlanta Bar Foundation.

May 22, 2019

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