Virtual mediations and arbitrations via video conference are nothing new to Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service.

Our founder, Ed Henning, was one of the very first people in the United States to embrace mediation and began this company 24 years ago. Resolving disputes was Ed’s passion. He was an innovative thinker and dreamed of involving technology into the mediation process; allowing parties to resolve their disputes from anywhere in the world. With that dream in mind, in 1999 Ed created a video conference division of Henning Mediation & Arbitration. Since that time Henning has used video conference to successfully assist thousands of clients, both domestic and international, in resolving their disputes.

Video Conferencing Platforms

Over the past 20 years video conference technology and platforms have changed dramatically. Henning has kept pace with those changes implementing them as soon as they have come on the scene. Today ZOOM is the best platform for conducting mediations and arbitrations of almost any size. This platform allows us to assign virtual “breakout” rooms to every party in a mediation. It also allows our mediator to switch from one breakout room to other effortlessly, just as we do for an in person mediation.

ZOOM is very user friendly, even for the most technologically challenged. You will receive an email invitation to the scheduled case. Click on the link in the email and you will be taken directly to your scheduled video conference. Best of all, it’s free for our clients.

Video Conferencing with Henning

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, give us a call at 770-955-2252. One of our Case Coordinators can set up your case and answer any questions.

Additionally, you can go directly to our website and request a mediation with your favorite Henning Neutral.

For additional information on video conferencing and technical requirements, please visit our Video Conference help page.

March 27, 2020


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