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Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service (HMA) pioneered the art of dispute resolution throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. HMA built its reputation with experienced ADR professionals who work tirelessly to settle your client’s dispute. Henning is dedicated to helping you find the right solution by offering a variety of ADR services including mediation, arbitration and ADR training. We offer these services in an inviting, relaxed atmosphere that enhances the ADR process.


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Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service handles a wide variety of cases ranging from a simple premises liability complaint to complex, multi party disputes. Our neutrals are attorneys and retired judges that specialize in a broad range of areas of expertise. Their first hand knowledge and experience allows us to settle over 75% of the cases heard at our facility. This “drive to settle” helps our clients reduce the cost of litigation and often times the unpleasant experience of a trial.

HMA’s ADR Training program is certified by the State of Georgia’s Office of Dispute Resolution and therefore offers certification to training participants along with CLE credits for lawyers. In addition to mediation, arbitration, and divorce mediation, there are courses to enhance advocates’ negotiation skills. For those Tennessee residents interested in becoming a certified mediator, Rule 31 training is offered. Dates, times and locations can be viewed at our Online Registration form. In addition to the ADR Training, we provide Corporate Counseling for businesses interested in setting up their own internal ADR program or for companies that want to add an ADR clause to their contracts.

Videoconferencing is designed to aid businesses or consumers that are long distances apart and that are in a legal dispute. HMA’s state of the art technology makes it possible for a claim rep or a party that is not able to come to Atlanta, to attend the ADR procedure.  Try videoconferencing for your next out-of-town deposition. Digital imaging is available to transmit pictures or documents that are a needed for discussion via videoconferencing. eNeutral, HMA’s technology division, has over 5,500 videoconferencing sites available around the globe and will take care of all your scheduling needs.

HMA has state of the art technology to make your time at our offices hassle-free. No need to bring lap-tops – HMA has wireless technology that enables you to connect to the Internet, you can use our lap-tops or PC’s , printers, copiers, fax machine, LCD projectors that are available for Power Point exhibits. DVD players make it so all you need to bring with you are your disks.

HMA provides an approved speaker who presents a program designed to help attorneys improve their negotiation skills in mediation. The program covers preparation for mediation, negotiating items important to the client and how to use persistence, patience and creativity to improve the mediation outcome. HMA will obtain the credits for all participants. The program is free and can be held at your facility as long as there are 15 people in attendance.

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