Savannah, GA Welcomes Henning Mediation

Founded in Atlanta in 1996, the family-owned business pioneered alternative dispute resolution in the southeast. Today, we handle everything from simple to multi-party disputes, working to settle more than 75 percent of the cases we hear. And now, through the end of the year, we are waiving our travel fees to Savannah!
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By bringing our services to Savannah, we can deliver the same specialized service we’re known for in Atlanta. Our neutrals are all attorneys or retired judges, and their diverse legal backgrounds make it simple for our attorney partners to find the right solution for their clients. Our Henning hospitality also puts clients at ease, increasing the likelihood of a successful mediation.

While we’ll now be available to schedule in-person mediations in Savannah, we’re also experts in handling cases virtually. We’ve used video conferencing tools to perform virtual mediations and arbitrations since 1999, meaning we’re adept at delivering a smooth, reliable experience no matter how we meet.

Additionally, we offer our full suite of training courses virtually. Whether you are new to mediation or looking to augment your skills, we have a training class to meet your needs.

If you’d like to schedule a mediation with our Savannah team, call us at 770-955-2252 or schedule online today.

About Henning:

Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service is a family-owned and operated dispute resolution group that has served Atlanta and the state of Georgia for the past 25+ years. A third-generation organization, clients count on Henning for a smooth, inviting and reliable mediation process that fosters successful resolutions.

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